Attributes And Advantages Of Action Tesa’s HDHMR That Makes It One Of Its Kind

In the modern-day where style, durability, and price play an important role in making decisions regarding the choice of furniture and finish, Action Tesa’s HDHMR Board comes out as the front runner. Many call this board “the wood of the present and the wood of the future”.

Action Tesa’s High Density High Moisture Resistance (HDHMR Board) is manufactured using hard wood through a homogeneous construction process. Using a patent German technology, the hard woodchips are pressed together to form a homogenous layer. The density of Action Tesa’s HDHMR is better than any other plywood available in the market. 

By replacing plywood, HDHMR's unrivalled quality and infinite application are transforming the Indian interior industry. HDHMR is the brain child of Action TESA & is owned by the company and has gained an amazing response and popularity in the market. Owing to its superior features and benefits, it has become the most popular choice for both home and workplace furnishings. Action Tesa is the only company in India that manufactures and supplies HDHMR. 

Action Tesa’s HDHMR Advantages

1)    Higher Density–Action Tesa’s R&D worked meticulously to introduce a densified product keeping in mind better substitute of plywood. The reason for this improvement is, increasing board density induces an increase in compression rate and contact between wood particles, which improves mechanical features. As a result of the improved connection, the board's resistance features may be strengthened. Action Tesa following the above observation came up with one of its kind HDHMR board that has more than 850 Kg/m3of density, which has led to its improved strength and compactness.

2)    Highly water resistance - This is by far the most significant benefit of HDHMR. HDHMR is the ideal option if you live in a humid environment. Most wood-like structures can get affected when exposed to moisture, but if you invest in Action Tesa’s HDHMR, you will never face any performance issues. The best quality in-house glue is manufactured & used by Action Tesa to bind the layers prevents the board from absorbing water.

3)    Borer Resistance–Action Tesa's HDHMR board stands out for its extraordinary resistance to borer infestations. To achieve this, special chemical is added to the glue making them last a long time.

4)    Termite Resistance - Termites can consume a wide variety of wood products, but not all of them. HDHMR board from Action Tesa is harder, denser, and more decay--resistant than normal wood. These characteristics make it particularly resistant to termites, who find it difficult to chew through such thick material. As a result, many people who are building a new home or are looking for renovations choose Action Tesa's HDHMR board because of its termite resistance features.

5)    Environment Friendly–Reputable brands, like Action Tesa, are entrusted with implementing sustainable practises from beginning to end in order to stop the tide of climate change and conserve the Earth for future generations. When it comes to creating MDF/HDHMR & Particle Board and their allied value-added products Action Tesa is a real environmentally conscious company that understands that the products manufactured must not only start with sound and eco-friendly practises, but should also enjoy recyclability.

6)    Fungal Resistance -HDHMR board from Action Tesa is no match for the life-crushing decay fungi. Owing to its high density and water resistance properties, HDHMR is resistant to different fungi and germs that make it the most hygienic and safe material for everyday life.

7)    Tougher Than Plywood – As mentioned in the first point, the density of Action Tesa’s HDHMR board is more than 850 Kg/m3 which is significantly more than the density of any of the best available plywood (around 650-750 Kg/m3). The higher density of the HDHMR board adds to the strength and compactness of the board thus making its core harder, more stable, more durable, and more moisture resistant than a plywood core.

8)    Nominal Cost - Action Tesa’s HDHMR board is one of the most cost-effective materials that are available in the market. Affordable in comparison to the cost of traditional plywood, it is much easier on the pockets as compared to all types of plywood while providing higher strength.

The Key Applications of Action Tesa’s HDHMR: 

  • Kitchen Shutters
  • Door Shutters 
  • Cafeterias 
  • Gyms
  • Desks and Lockers
  • Hospital 
  • Office and Residential Area
  • Furniture where the risk of moisture exists
  • Packing Industry
  • Panels 

Based on all the above attributes and advantages, you can definitely make the proper choice according to your needs and requirements for any furniture or construction project. However, for any queries and product information leave comment in the comment section below or explore